About Us

Diana Medical Handelsbolag is a part of other Medical Companies in Europe and Asia.
The owner Mr.Taheri has wide education background, He holds the Bachelor degree on Mathematics from the best university of Tehran-Iran and master degree on Industrial Engineering -Social and Economic Systems. And even bread work experiences in Engineering and Industrial Inspection Companies.

*Diana Medical Handelsbolag is a company focused initially on selling of leading brands of Laser Equipment and also gamma camera and SNL diagnosis in the Swedish Market. After establishing a market presence with this product niche, we will expand to produce the product in Sweden after we have established ourselves. We would also offer installation and after sales services of the sold system. As we use the latest technology of laser, we will distribute the latest innovative technology of the laser in Sweden and support the system to be used.
The Swedish market is currently served poorly and inconsistently by a patchwork of local distributor as far as medical equipment is concerned. We will offer a regional, and ultimately national, network of Dermatology Centers and also Hospitals, which will make us the partner of choice for large, geographically diverse Swedish Medical Market, and will make us attractive to potential supplier partners.

Company Summary
Diana Medical Handelsbolag will be seen by Dermatology Centers and Hospitals as THE source for Diagnosis, Dermatology, Imaging solutions.
We are a Medical Equipment Company that will initially distribute a Laser Systems which we will import from US and Europe and we install and support with proper training to use the system and give after sales services for all the customers.
We have been working in this field for many years in Iran.
Our source of differentiation will be in our distribution and marketing strategies. We will leverage our corporate account relationships and create marketing programs to drive demand for our products solutions at the corporate level of Dermatology Centers and Hospitals. We will establish a unique network of sales professionals in the Swedish Market who will then build relationships at the Dermatology Centers and Hospitals by providing value-added service and expertise to Dermatology Centers and Hospitals.